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Sweden-based, boutique software development studio focused on delivering cutting edge, open source engineering solutions & consultancy services for the Web.


Think of the Web as an open highway: fast, safe, well designed and giving you all the visibility and space you need to arrive at your destination. That’s just how our tailored development services will get you there.

Web development

Great technology needs fitting graphical presentation, human-centric user interfaces and thoughtful design. Svevn works with global innovators and hyperscalers as well as the largest players in industrial areas such as offshore, smart factories and logistics to create visually compelling and easy-to-use Web interfaces for their technologies.

Infrastructure software

Svevn builds open source-based, interoperable backend software that allows us to create robust and maintainable infrastructure for our customers’ daily operations. We create remote device management networks, open and explainable AI pipelining systems, smart factory dashboards and modern, intuitive enterprise data analytics systems.

Android and multiplatform apps

We enable compelling user experiences in and beyond physical environments by building mobile apps using open source multiplatform technologies for maximum reuse between mobile and web scenarios. We’re uniquely positioned to not just create Progressive Web Apps based on the latest standards, but build entire Android-enabled devices with beautiful and user-friendly touch interfaces that let the underlying technology shine.

System design and engineering

Industrial products, however small or big, operating at the edge or as part of complex distributed networks, need a well thought-through, user-centric approach. Aesthetics and usability are just as important as technical excellence. We help you get the most out of technology by making it useful, visually pleasing and explainable.


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